Autumn 2021

12 October 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CEST

What Helps Women More: Gender Quota or Multiple Vote? Evidence from Quasi-Experiments in the Elections to the Polish Municipality Councils
Michaล‚ Gulczyล„ski, Bocconi University

26 October 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CEST

Populism as Mimetic Representation in Narendra Modi’s Speeches
Jean-Thomas Martelli Centre de Sciences Humaines, New Delhi

09 November 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CET

Some Needles from the Haystack โ€“ A Systematic Review of Empirical Applications of Representative Claim Analysis
Darius Ribbe, Greifswald University

16 November 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CET

Does Social Class Matter for Substantive Representation? An Analysis of Women Legislators' Agenda Setting Behavior on the Economic Dimension Paula Reppmann, Greifswald University

23 November 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CET

Issue Representation in the European Parliament: The Effect of Institutional Change on Behaviour of Mainstream and Eurosceptic MEPs
Aleksandra Khokhlova, Leiden University

07 December 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CET

The New Defenders of Gender Equality? When Do Radical Right Populist Parties Incorporate Women’s Interests
Ana Catalano Weeks, University of Bath

14 December 2021 | Tuesday | 16:00 CET

Studying Descriptive Political Representation through Visibility? A Contribution to Comparative Empirical Research
Claire Vincent-Mory & Laura Morales, Sciences-Po

Spring 2021

20 January 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Economic integration and perceived substantive representation: The conditional role of experience and knowledge
Cal Le Gall & Virginie Van Ingelgom, UCLouvain

3 February 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Constituency focus under times of crisis. An instrument to escape party discipline? An examination of the Greek case
Yani Kartalis, University of Lisbon

17 February 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Partiesโ€™ group appeals as representational claims in Israel and the Netherlands, 1977–2015
Alona Dolinsky, Johns Hopkins University

3 March 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

A new kind of wave? Millennials in the U.S. Congress
Brittany Anlar & Isabel Kรถhler, Rutgers University

17 March 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

From womenโ€™s presence to feminist representation: Second-generation design for womenโ€™s group representation
Sarah Childs & Karen Celis, Royal Holloway University of London & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

31 March 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Donโ€™t blame the candidate? A text analysis of gendered differences in political self-presentation in a lab experiment
Amanda Haraldsson, European University Institute

14 April 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Representation mechanisms in social policy: Income-group preferences and partisan effects
Steven Van Hauwaert & Xavier Romero-Vidal, University of Surrey & Leuphana University Lรผneburg

28 April 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Representing animals in political processes
Svenja Ahlhaus, University of Hamburg

26 May 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

Women’s blame, men’s merit? An experimental test of the impact of performance information on the prevalence of political gender stereotypes in Flanders (Belgium)
Robin Devroe, Ghent University

2 June 2021 | Wednesday | 18:00 CET

The expertise curse: How policy expertise can hinder responsiveness
Miguel M. Pereira & Patrik ร–hberg, University of Southern California & University of Gothenburg