Recent & Upcoming Seminars

There is a Google calendar for the series, which we will keep up-to-date with upcoming events.

The expertise curse: How policy expertise can hinder responsiveness

Miguel M. Pereira & Patrik ร–hberg

Women's blame, men's merit? An experimental test of the impact of performance information on the prevalence of political gender stereotypes in Flanders (Belgium)

Robin Devroe

Representing animals in political processes

Svenja Ahlhaus

Representation mechanisms in social policy: Income-group preferences and partisan effects

Steven Van Hauwaert & Xavier Romero-Vidal

Donโ€™t blame the candidate? A text analysis of gendered differences in political self-presentation in a lab experiment

Amanda Haraldsson

From womenโ€™s presence to feminist representation: Second-generation design for womenโ€™s group representation

Sarah Childs & Karen Celis

A new kind of wave? Millennials in the U.S. Congress

Brittany Anlar & Isabel Kรถhler

Partiesโ€™ group appeals as representational claims in Israel and the Netherlands, 1977-2015

Alona Dolinsky

Constituency focus under times of crisis. An instrument to escape party discipline? An examination of the Greek case

Yani Kartalis

Economic integration and perceived substantive representation: The conditional role of experience and knowledge

Cal Le Gall & Virginie Van Ingelgom