Recent & Upcoming Seminars

There is a Google calendar for the series, which we will keep up-to-date with upcoming events.

Studying Descriptive Political Representation through Visibility? A Contribution to Comparative Empirical Research

Claire Vincent-Mory & Laura Morales

The New Defenders of Gender Equality? When Do Radical Right Populist Parties Incorporate Women's Interests

Ana Catalano Weeks

Issue Representation in the European Parliament: The Effect of Institutional Change on Behaviour of Mainstream and Eurosceptic MEPs

Aleksandra Khokhlova

Does Social Class Matter for Substantive Representation? An Analysis of Women Legislators' Agenda Setting Behavior on the Economic Dimension

Paula Reppmann

Some Needles from the Haystack โ€“ A Systematic Review of Empirical Applications of Representative Claim Analysis

Darius Ribbe

Populism as Mimetic Representation in Narendra Modi's Speeches

Jean-Thomas Martelli

What Helps Women More: Gender Quota or Multiple Vote? Evidence from Quasi-Experiments in the Elections to the Polish Municipality Councils

Michaล‚ Gulczyล„ski

The expertise curse: How policy expertise can hinder responsiveness

Miguel M. Pereira & Patrik ร–hberg

Women's blame, men's merit? An experimental test of the impact of performance information on the prevalence of political gender stereotypes in Flanders (Belgium)

Robin Devroe

Representing animals in political processes

Svenja Ahlhaus